SingTel Easy Top Up
Prepaid Credit API, Soft Pin by using APPS, API, running 24hours a day. Help to run your e-load faster or help to clear your e-load balance. Make your business run faster. New!!! GAMES Recharge or Topup System

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How it Works!


1) Signup any agent that want to sell prepaid, e.g. kedai runcit, mamak store, newspaper store or roti seller. Of course they have to buy topup credit from you first.

2) They will send in SMS to help their customer to topup.

3) SMS Reload System received the SMS sent by agent and check the balance of the agent, if credit insuficient, it will prompt error & reply to agent credit is not enough. else the system will process to top up

4) Once SMS Reload System successfuly topup, it will reply a SMS to agent telling him the transaction is successful.

Yes, just that simple.