SingTel Easy Top Up
Prepaid Credit API, Soft Pin by using APPS, API, running 24hours a day. Help to run your e-load faster or help to clear your e-load balance. Make your business run faster. New!!! GAMES Recharge or Topup System

Whatsapp KENT 0129336318 for enquiry or Connect Prepaid Credit API, Airtime Top-up API
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What require?

Things you need to have in order to run the system:

If you do not have own eload SIM, we can supplier to you with Good rate.

- DiGi Flexi e-load SIM Card. *Optional

- Maxis (Hotlink) E-Load SIM Card. *Optional

- Celcom easy reload SIM Card. *Optional

- A Personal Computer (Desktop PC) *Optional (Free with Package)

Maxis' SIM menu is called Maxis E-Load.
Digi's SIM menu is called Digi Flexi e-load.