SingTel Easy Top Up
Prepaid Credit API, Soft Pin by using APPS, API, running 24hours a day. Help to run your e-load faster or help to clear your e-load balance. Make your business run faster. New!!! GAMES Recharge or Topup System

Whatsapp KENT 0129336318 for enquiry or Connect Prepaid Credit API, Airtime Top-up API
GMAIL:[email protected]           Last updated on: 17-05-2023 10:03AM


SMS Command!

Sample of SMS Command
Paybill Maxis :0129336318.MB100
Paybill DiGi :0166666666.DB100
Paybill Celcom :0199999999.CB100
Topup Maxis : 0129336318.M10
Topup Celcom : 0199999999.C10
Topup DiGi : 0166666666.D10
Topup TuneTalk : 0129336318.T10
Topup XOX : 0129336318.X10
Topup UMobile : 0129336318.U10
Topup SingTel: 91440806.S10 (for Singapore Reload System only)
Check Balance: BAL
Transfer : TT5.100
Check Status : Check 0129336318
Mutiple Topup : 0129336318.M10;0169336318.D10;0199336318.C10

Sample of Reply SMS
Success Reloaded: Reload to HPNo:0129336318 amount:RM10 Success! Balance: 490.50

Check Balance: Your agent id 5. Your today sales M:50,C:30,D:200. Your Balance:490.50

Transfer: Transfer to agent id 5 RM100 successful.

Check Status: Customer: 0129336318 - 1) 22/08 1549: RM7 PENDING - NO DN. 2) 22/08 1549: RM4 SUCCESS - GOT DN. 3) 22/08 1549: RM3 SUCCESS - GOT DN.