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Reload Online Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, DiGi Happy, UMobile, TuneTalk, and SingTel

Happy Chinese New Year! Updated 03 FEB 2011
- Are you overseas? Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,US,Australia,Japan,Uk and from others country in the world? and want to reload or top up your malaysia mobile number prepaid credit?
- Reload or Top up for your love one?
- Lazy go to buy, nevermind we can sell you online.
- Top up here, we accept credit card via paypal. (that mean we accept credit card).
- Online Reload Celcom or Top up Celcom prepaid
- Online Reload Maxis or Top up Maxis prepaid
- Online Reload DiGi or Top up DiGi prepaid
- Singtel top up online, singtel top up from overseas
- Online Reload or Top up within 10 minutes or less.
- Exchange paypal fund to RM Ringgit Malaysia Reload credit.

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Celcom Xpax Online Reload
Mobile Number
 e.g.: +60198888888

Maxis Hotlink Reload
Mobile Number
 e.g.: +60128888888

DiGi Reload
Mobile Number:
 e.g.: +60168888888

DiGi Happy Reload
Mobile Number
 e.g.: +60168888888

UMobile Reload
Mobile Number
 e.g.: +60188888888

TuneTalk Reload
Mobile Number
 e.g.: +60108888888

SingTel Easy Top Up
Mobile number:
 ie: 6587654321

Recent Happy Customer List: & many others...
19JAN10: Hotlink RM20 +6014xxx4535 IM: PJ,Malaysia
18JAN10: DiGi RM30 +6013xxx0296 IM: JURONG,Singapore
17JAN10: DiGi RM100 +6016xxx7925 IM: WP,Malaysia
16JAN10: DiGi RM100 +6016xxx3662 IM: LA,United States
16JAN10: Xpax RM100 +6019xxx3955 IM: Singapore
14JAN10: Xpax RM30 +6013xxx9978 IM: Aberdeen City,UK
13JAN10: Hotlink RM20 +6012xxx5932 IM: Wollongong ,Australia
12JAN10: Hotlink RM10 +6017xxx1168 IM: Johor,Malaysia
11JAN10: DiGi RM10 +6017xxx7305 IM: United Kingdom
10JAN10: UMobile RM100 +6018xxx5808 IM: Kuala Lumpur
10JAN10: Xpax RM30 +6013xxx0296 IM: Singapore
09JAN10: Hotlink RM10 +6012xxx9170 IM: TX, United State
08JAN10: Hotlink RM10 +6017xxx7210 IM: Australia
07JAN10: TuneTalk RM10 +6010xxx3092 IM: United States
07JAN10: Xpax RM30 +6019xxx2401 IM: Australia
06JAN10: Xpax RM30 +6019xxx8703 IM: Australia
06JAN10: Hotlink RM10 +6017xxx2335 IM: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
06JAN10: Xpax RM10 +6013xxx2813 IM: Yamanashi,Japan
05JAN10: Xpax RM100 +6013xxx2314 IM: NY, United States
05JAN10: Xpax RM10 +6013xxx6794 IM: York,UK
05JAN10: Xpax RM10 +6013xxx2813 IM: Yamanashi,Japan
05JAN10: Xpax RM100 +6013xxx2314 IM: NY, United States
04JAN10: Xpax RM10 +6013xxx6794 IM: York,UK
04JAN10: Hotlink RM30 +6017xxx7210 IM: Australia
04JAN10: Xpax RM10 +013xxx0296 IM: Singapore
04JAN10: Hotlink RM20 +6017xxx6441 IM: Australia
03JAN10: Hotlink RM10 +6017xxx9191 IM: Sabah
02JAN10: Hotlink RM100 +6014xxx6535 IM: Australia
02JAN10: Xpax RM10 +6013xxx1659 IM: Czech Republic
02JAN10: DiGi RM30 +6016xxx1748 IM: Taiwan
01JAN10: Hotlink RM50 +6017xxx1584 IM: US
01JAN10: Xpax RM50 +6019xxx8529 IM: Taiwan
01JAN10: Hotlink RM50 +6012xxx5741 IM: Thailand
& many others...

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Privacy and Policy
1. No refund after payment made in any reason given.
2. No refund on wrong number given.
3. Any unauthorized use of other people credit card will be direct report to Polis Diraja Malaysia and Paypal.
4. Any unauthorized use of stolen paypal account will be direct report to Polis Diraja Malaysia and Paypal.
5. Price may be updated without any notice.
6. Mobile Number provided to topup here, will not be share to any third party.