SingTel Easy Top Up
Prepaid Credit API, Soft Pin by using APPS, API, running 24hours a day. Help to run your e-load faster or help to clear your e-load balance. Make your business run faster. New!!! GAMES Recharge or Topup System

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SMS Reload System!

System component

High End Reload Server  

- Eload SIM Card (If you do not have, we can supply you!).

- 1 Unit of Server or Personal Computer (PC).

- 3 Units of GSM Modem

- SMS Reload System Software.

- Free one year support.

- Free Remote access/Control the system.

- Free installation.

- Free training.

- Free delivery to your door step (within Malaysia & Singapore).

- No Per Transaction Fee (no extra fee, no loyalty fee)

- Auto database backup

- Easy Reporting

- Proven Stable (Since Year 2007)

- Call and ask for Online Demo version.

- Support SMS and WEB channel.

- Support Master,Dealer and Agent leveling and commission distribution.NEW!!!

- Soft PIN/Reload PIN Supported ITALK, HOTTicket,Games Pin, Facebook Games, OKTEL, CUBI ZONE, RUNUP, ASIA SOFT, 8 INTERACTIVE, MY ROSSO, MY CARD, KINGSOFT, iTALK, XOX, Indo, TuneTalk, UMOBILE, Maxis, DiGi & Celcom.. and many more..

SIM TOOL KIT (or SIM Toolkit)
Application Programming Interface (STK API) is available to download.

 GSM Modem available in Malaysia